Today, the construction of engineering structures must comply with specific safety regulations. Moreover, given the threats and risks present in sub-Saharan Africa, it is essential to take into account, from the design phase, security issues, in order to best protect its assets, both human and material, against possible acts of violence or malice.

To do this, ISAO has experts capable of understanding all types of risks, safety and security, in order to design systems, devices and processes that are consistent with the site's environment, the constraints and objectives of both the manufacturer and the end user: attendance, nature of the activity, budget, etc.

On operating facilities, particularly those open to the public or infrastructures considered sensitive (banks or telecoms, energy plants, airports, railway stations, etc.), ISAO is able to carry out global audits, including safety and security systems, flow management and information systems (intranet/internet site, networks, etc.); intrusion tests (physical and virtual) as well as crisis exercises.

Finally, our teams assist our customers in the definition and implementation of their general security policy (global security plans) and the monitoring of travelers (Travel Policy). We work with you to develop security documentation (crisis management plan, emergency plan, security procedures, etc.) that is tailored and contextualized to your risk exposure, resilience and vulnerabilities.


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