With 5 years of data collection and processing, ISAO's team of academics, researchers and and analysts conducts comprehensive, quantified, and structured risk analyses accross their entire operational area (West Africa / Central Africa).

Whenever our clients have an implementation project, whether it involves constructing an industrial site or deploying personnel, ISAO is capable of providing an updated assessment of threats and a risk analysis specific to the relevant area.

Through their network of contacts with defence and security forces, traditional authorities, and civil society, ISAO’s regional and national experts can convey a detailed and consolidated picture of the actual risk level and adapt your security measures accordingly.

The Security Analysis and Monitoring Department also offers subscriptions to weekly or monthly monitoring services, as well as targeted information flashes based on your needs. This support allows you to maintain a clear view of the security situation and readjust your security measures and development strategy through monitoring weak signals or in the event of a major incident.


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